Comprehensive Escrow Services

Excellence in Escrow Services, Rooted in Integrity

Town & Country Escrow Corp. proudly serves as your trusted independent escrow company in California. Established in 1976, our commitment to excellence and quality service has earned us a reputation as a reliable escrow agent. With our primary office situated in the heart of Corona, and an additional location in Beaumont, we are dedicated to providing our clients with reliable and timely escrow services.

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Our Escrow Services

Our escrow services cover a wide range of transactions, including residential sales, commercial and industrial escrows, bulk transfers, and more. Whether you're buying, selling, or refinancing, you can rely on us to handle your escrow needs with precision and care. When you choose Town & Country Escrow Corp. as your escrow partner, you can trust that your transaction is in good hands.


Our services include:

  • Tracts

  • Conventional

  • FHA/VA

  • Cash to Loan

  • Seller Carry Trust Deed

  • All-Inclusive Trust Deed

  • Contracts for Land and Sale

  • Exchanges

  • Bulk Sales

  • Refinances and Loans

  • Note and Trust Deed Assignments

  • Mobile Homes

  • Commercial and Industrial

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Efficient Escrow Process

Navigating the escrow process can be complex, but with Town & Country Escrow Corp., it doesn't have to be. Our experienced escrow agents guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that all necessary documentation is prepared accurately and efficiently. From opening the escrow to closing the deal, we are here to make the process as seamless as possible.

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Personalized Service

We understand that every transaction is unique, which is why we offer personalized service tailored to your specific needs. Our team is committed to providing attentive and responsive service, keeping you informed and involved throughout the escrow process.

Fee Schedule

$1,200 plus $2.50 per thousand of sales price to each buyer and seller.

VA Sale

The seller pays both the seller’s escrow fee and the buyer’s escrow fee.

Loan Escrow Fee

$500.00 minimum to $100,000.00 plus $2.00 per thousand and above $100,000.00

Amortization Schedules



Why Choose Our Services

When you choose Town & Country Escrow Corp. for your escrow needs in California, you're choosing:

  • Experienced Professionals: Our knowledgeable escrow agents possess extensive experience in managing a diverse range of escrow transactions.

  • Personalized Attention: As an independent escrow company, we prioritize personalized service, ensuring that your unique needs are met with care and attention to detail.

  • Efficiency and Timeliness: We understand the importance of timely escrow processing. With our streamlined processes and dedication to efficiency, we strive to complete your escrow transaction promptly and accurately.

  • Transparency and Trust: Town & Country Escrow Corp. operates with integrity and transparency, providing clear communication and guidance throughout the escrow process.

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