Residential Property Escrow Services

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Town & Country Escrow Corp. is your trusted partner for residential property escrow services in California. With years of experience, our independent escrow company, located in Corona with a branch in Beaumont, guarantees smooth transactions customized to meet your residential real estate requirements.

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Our Residential Property Services

We offer full Escrow services for your residential properties whether primary residence or investment property. We prepare all documents (i.e. Grant Deed, Interspousal Transfer Deeds, Notes, Deeds of Trust, and Assignments) along with instructions as required for your escrow. We coordinate with the Lender, Title Company, Insurance Company, Associations and any other agencies necessary to complete your escrow efficiently, timely and as always… QUIALITY AT YOUR SERVICE:

Fee Schedule

$250.00 base plus $2.50 per thousand of the sales price to each the Buyer and the Seller.

VA/FHA/CalVet Sales, Escrow fee is charged per the requirement of the agency.

Loan Escrow Fees: $850.00 minimum to a $100,000.00 plus $2.50 per thousand above $100,000.00

  • Other Fees:
  • Loan Tie In $250.00
  • Archive Fee $90.00 split 50/50
  • Express mailing/delivery (per transaction)

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