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Pamela Walker

Office: Corona

Role: President &CEO

For 40 years, Pamela Walker, the President, and Owner of Town & Country Escrow Corp., has steered the company to unparalleled heights, solidifying its position as the leading independent Escrow Company in Corona, Ca. With a wealth of expertise in commercial real estate transactions, Pam isn't just a leader; she's the beacon guiding the entire industry forward! Pam’s clients rest easy, knowing their ventures are safeguarded by her expertise and dedication.

Pam' dynamic team doesn't just settle for ordinary; they redefine excellence with their "Quality at your Service" approach, setting the gold standard for escrow transactions. With a focus on clarity and simplicity, they transform the escrow process into an effortless journey, benefiting both consumers and real estate professionals alike. It' not just about transactions; it's about crafting unforgettable experiences that resonate with every client.

In 1981, after meeting Mr. T.J. Starker, Pam opened T&C Exchange Accommodators Inc., a Qualified Intermediary to serve the 1031 Exchange community.

Pam gives back to her community as the esteemed past President of the Corona Rotary Club, she's a true champion of change. She is a proud sponsor of her grandchildren's sports and dance endeavors, spreading joy and inspiration wherever she goes. Weekends aren't for resting; they're for cheering on the sidelines of countless sporting events, fueling her grandchildren's dreams with her support.

When it's time to unwind, Pam does so in style. Pam enjoys beach life hand in hand with her beloved husband, Steve, accompanied by their two adorable pups, Dolly and Evan. Life isn't just about success; it's about cherishing every moment and embracing the joy that comes it. And with Pam at the helm, every moment is an adventure waiting to unfold!


Summer Floria

Office: Corona

Role: Director of Business Development

Summer Floria started at Town & Country Escrow Corp in 1991, initially assuming the role of receptionist. Following her high school graduation, she pursued higher education, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from the University of Hawaii and subsequently a Law Degree from the University of Pepperdine.

Driven by a fervent aspiration to effect positive change, Summer embarked on a career path geared towards environmental advocacy. This led her to serve as an Environmental Analyst within the Chief Naval Operations Environmental Department of the US Navy in Washington DC, where she dedicated 17 years as a valued contractor. However, recognizing the demanding nature of litigation within the judicial system, Summer redirected her focus towards the realm of real estate, particularly specializing in 1031 Exchanges.

In truth, Summer's affiliation with Town & Country Escrow Corp predates her official employment in 1991, as she was immersed in the company culture from an early age. Since 1979, the year her mother, Pam Walker, commenced her own journey with the company, Summer's upbringing and formative years were deeply intertwined with Town & Country and the intricacies of escrow operations.

Summer rejoined the Town & Country Escrow Family in 2021, assuming the role of Senior Exchange Officer for our subsidiary, T&C Exchange Accommodators Inc. She is an esteemed member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA). Demonstrating a commitment to exceptional service, Summer approaches each client interaction with a personalized touch, providing comprehensive support throughout the entirety of their transaction.

Renowned for her commitment to nurturing enduring client relationships, Summer holds a steadfast dedication to exemplary customer service. As a second-generation leader within Town & Country Escrow Corp, she takes great pride in continuing her mother's legacy while striving to propel the company forward.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Summer embraces the role of a devoted mother to two busy teens, finding solace in activities such as yoga, visiting a wine bar with her beloved husband, leisurely beach outings, and memorable family vacations.


Jennifer Cass

Office Location: Beaumont

Role: Manager/Senior Escrow Officer

Joining Town & Country Escrow Corp., Beaumont in 2005, Jennifer Cass has a wealth of 23

years experience in the dynamic realm of escrow. With expertise spanning resales, For Sale by Owner ventures, Short Sales, Refinances, Mobile Home Transactions, and beyond, Jennifer is a seasoned navigator in the intricate landscape of escrow transactions. She doesn't just cultivate connections with real estate agents and clients; she fosters bonds built on trust and assurance. Jennifer's commitment doesn't end there; she's on a mission to demystify the escrow process,arming clients with knowledge and confidence so they can embark on their real estate journeyswith a sense of excitement and empowerment. “Learning never exhausts the mind” –Leonardo d Vinci

Jennifer is involved with the East Valley Association of Realtors and is a current Affiliate Chair as

well as a member of the education committee. When you see her, say “Hi” you won’t regret it,

Jennifer is personable and fun. Outside of work Jennifer enjoys hiking, gardening, and caring

for her family and small farm of animals.


Jonnalyn Bateman

Office: Corona

Role: Escrow Officer

Jonnalyn Bateman is not just an Escrow Assistant at Town & Country Escrow, Corp, Corona; she's a seasoned veteran with over three decades of experience Escrow. Jonnalyn's expertise continues to grow, making her an invaluable asset to her clients and colleagues alike. She is a Notary Public proficient in Loan Document signing.

What sets Jonnalyn apart is her commitment to her clients. She takes pride in her organizational skills, ensuring every detail is meticulously handled. Anticipating and understanding her client's needs is second nature to her, and she thrives on the challenge of problem-solving, turning obstacles into opportunities for success.

Jonnalyn knows that buying or selling a home is one of life's biggest moments. She approaches each transaction with the care and attention it deserves, striving to make the process smooth.

Jonnalyn's passion doesn't stop at the office door. Outside of work, she's a globe-trotting adventurer, exploring new destinations with her husband by her side. She cherishes every moment spent with her children and grandchildren, finding joy in the simple pleasures of family life.

Amidst Jonnayln’s busy schedule, she finds time to give back. She's a fervent supporter of the Down Syndrome Family Resource Center (DSFRG), pouring her heart and soul into making a difference in the lives of those with Down Syndrome.

In Jonnalyn Bateman, you'll find more than just an Escrow Assistant; you'll find a trusted partner, a tireless advocate, and a beacon of positivity in a world of uncertainty.


Lindy Jeffers

Office Location: Corona

Role: Escrow Officer

From her humble beginnings as a receptionist in her mom's office in 1980, Lindy Jeffers has forged an illustrious path in the world of escrow. With each passing year, her expertise in residential, mobile home, and commercial transactions has only grown stronger, becoming a beacon of reliability and proficiency in the industry.

Lindy is no ordinary escrow officer— holding the prestigious CEA professional designation as a Certified Escrow Officer. Her dedication to her craft is unmatched, fueled by a passion for helping homeowners and investors turn their real estate dreams into realities.

When Lindy steps into action, it's like watching a master at work. Every escrow is not just a transaction but a thrilling puzzle waiting to be solved. With her keen attention to detail and razor-sharp focus, Lindy ensures that every piece falls into place seamlessly, guaranteeing a journey as effortless as it is successful for her clients.

When Lindy is not at work she finds creativity and joy in time with her grandchildren, crocheting and cross stitch.


Kathleen Thompson

Office: Beaumont

Role: Front Desk Coordinator

Kathleen Thompson is the vibrant heartbeat of Town & Country Escrow Corp., Beaumont! Since her arrival in 2016, Kathleen has had the role of Front Desk Coordinator, becoming the voice and face of our esteemed establishment.

Kathleen's enthusiasm radiates through the receiver, leaving you energized and eager to connect. Step into our office, and you'll be greeted by her warm smile and impeccable professionalism, instantly making you feel like a valued guest in our home. With a knack for setting the gold standard in customer service, Kathleen is a seasoned veteran, having lovingly owned and operated a cherished daycare for two decades before bringing her talents to us.

Kathleen's passion shows everywhere in her vibrant life. When she's not busy making magic happen at Town & Country, you'll find her spreading joy and lending a helping hand at Twin Pines Ranch, Cowboys 4 Cause, and even amidst the electric atmosphere of weddings and concerts. She is a nature enthusiast at heart, seizing every opportunity to immerse herself in the great outdoors through invigorating hikes and unforgettable vacations. Kathleen also cherishes moments with her lovely daughters and the delightful zoo of animals that bring endless joy and laughter to her life.

In a world where passion meets purpose, Kathleen Thompson shines as a beacon of positivity, leaving an indelible mark on all who have the pleasure of crossing her path.


Maria Baran

Office: Beaumont

Role: Escrow Assistant

For over 20 years, Maria Baran has been behind countless seamless Escrow Transactions, leaving satisfied clients in her wake. What sets Maria apart isn't just her expertise—it's her knack for forming genuine connections.

Maria arrives with a personable charm that instantly puts clients at ease. With a genuine interest in each client’s transaction she becomes a confidante, guiding them through the maze of paperwork with effortless grace. Maria is bi-lingual in English and Spanish ensuring that every client feels heard and understood.

When Maria is not busy creating Escrow magic, you'll find her channeling her inner superhero as she rescues dogs in need, spreading love and compassion with every wagging tail she encounters. Maria is also involved with the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce and she enjoys hiking and relishes every precious moment spent with her family.

In a world where excellence meets empathy, Maria Baran is illuminating the path to seamless escrow transactions and unforgettable moments. With Maria, every Escrow experience is not just a transaction; it' a journey filled with warmth, compassion, and boundless joy!


Tara Michaelson

Office: Beaumont

Role: Escrow Assistant

Tara Michaelson, is a seasoned escrow expert whose career in Escrow began in 2003. Tara joined Town & Country Escrow Corp., Beaumont, in 2009 filling every transaction with her excellent customer service. Tara consistently goes above and beyond in providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that every client's needs are not just met, but exceeded with care and attention to detail.

When Tara is not organizing seamless Escrow transactions, she is spending time with her family, diving into novels, exploring the great outdoors through invigorating walks and hikes, and jet-setting to exotic destinations. Tara's life is filled with activity, balancing the demands of her work in escrow with her vibrant personal interests.

Tauno Peters

Office: T&C Exchange Accommodators, Inc

Role: Exchange Officer

Joining T&C Exchange Accommodators, Inc in 2023, Tauno is committed to providing clients with a seamless and stress-free experience. His dedication to excellence continues to earn him the trust and resect of clients.

Tauno began his career as a general contractor, mastering the art of turning architectural visions into tangible realities. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for craftsmanship, he quickly built a reputation for delivering projects of exceptional quality on time and within budget.

Driven by the desire to explore new horizons Tauno transitioned into the world of real estate, first as an agent then as an Exchange Officer for T&C Exchange Accommodators, Inc. Drawing on his extensive experience in the construction field, he brings a unique prospective to his role by understanding the intricacies of investment property transactions from both sides.

When Tauno is not at work he enjoys spending time with his family, dirt biking and of course the occasional construction project.

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